Kid’s Classes


All Spa Lé La Nannies are Trustline Certified & CPR Trained & Certified


When you have happy kids, you have happy parents. Our playroom speaks the universal language of joy. From morning to night, we welcome children ages 6 months to 9 years. Whether it's Baby Beethoven, Baby Picasso, or Baby Yoga, we offer classes and events throughout the day to keep your little one entertained and engaged. Drop in after school and we’ll set your kiddo to work on a fun art project or homework help. The goal of our Kid’s Classes is to provide a fun, interactive, and safe environment for your child, so you can focus on relaxing.

Hand picked for their love of little ones and genuine playful spirit, you can always count on our attentive staff to provide top notch child care. We’ll do our best to meet their needs, plus, we provide you with a buzzer to take with you into your services in case your babe needs some mommy or daddy TLC.

All Spa Lé La Nannies are Trustline Certified & CPR Trained & Certified. You’re here to rest and relax so we know you should feel 100% assured of the care your child is receiving.

Have more questions about the Kid’s Classes?

See the Kid’s Classes Particulars or our FAQ section.

Class Calendar

Baby Beethoven, Yoga and Picasso Classes are $6 per class. Complimentary Kids Classes are available if you, the parent, are using the spa facilities at the time of the class. Space is limited to 5 children per class. Classes book up fast. We look forward to taking care of you and your child!

Call (747) 227-4338 or email us at if you have any questions!

Parent and Me Mixed Age

Some of our classes are mixed-age from infant to 5 years old. A mixed-age environment has many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Older children get the opportunity to be leaders and teach younger ones.
  • Younger children grow leaps and bounds
  • We are recreating a true family and community model
  • Children learn and grow at their own pace, not being compared to other children of the same age.
  • Children experience the same class in different ways as they change developmentally
  • Parents may sit in the class or in the lounge area. Parents must stay on premises at all times. Parents are welcome to get spa services during the class. Then the class becomes free.

MOMMY & ME CLASSES are forming for babies born in June, July, and August 2018. Classes start the week of Sept. 17th. Sign up here:

The Particulars

  • Childcare is complimentary for 1 child while in spa services. Each additional child is $6.
  • There is a 30 minute complimentary lounge time for all visits that can be used before or after treatments during which you can utilize the childcare for free. Any additional time over the 30 minute lounge time is charged at $6 per 30 minutes for each child ($12/hour per child).
  • Children can be in the playroom for a maximum of 2 hours.
  • You must remain on Spa Lé La premises while your child is under our supervision.
  • You will receive a buzzer that will go with you into your spa treatments. If your child cries, we will do our best to comfort and calm them, but will buzz you if you are needed. (Buzzers only work on the Spa Lé La premises.)
  • For the safety of the children and your peace of mind, The Playroom is on a video monitoring system being recorded 24 hours a day.
  • You must sign a waiver for your child before admission to the spa or receiving any spa services.


How often is the Playroom cleaned?

We clean, disinfect, and sanitize our toys and surfaces frequently throughout the day as well as at night. We thoroughly wipe down toys that toddlers and babies often put in their mouths. We only use green cleaning products, from ECOS, to clean our facility.

What ages of children are allowed in the Playroom?

Kids between the ages of 6 months to 9 years old are welcome! We have different activities to cater to different age ranges, see our list of scheduled classes for more information. If you plan to bring your children with you to your service, please make an appointment in advance so we can be sure to have enough caregivers on staff.

What about diaper changes?

Diaper changes are the responsibility of the parent before receiving any spa services. We provide a changing and nursing room. By written request, children can receive diaper changes and bathroom help from our nannies.

What do I need to bring for my child? Are snacks provided?

We have toys, books, and lots of fun activities in store for your little ones! It is recommended to bring a sweater and extra pair of socks for your child. Snacks are not provided. We request that you feed your child/children before coming to the spa so they are not hungry. We do not allow snacks in the play area for sanitary and safety reasons.