Postpartum Services

Postpartum Services

Postpartum care is very important to help you through this life changing event. At Spa Lé La we help you transition through this magical time.

  • Spa Lé La services include 30 minutes of lounge time before or after your appointments.
  • Mommy and Me Happy Hour – Monday & Wednesday 1 – 3pm
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  • Classes are forming for babies born in June, July, and August 2018. Classes start the week of Sept. 17th. Sign up here:

Specialized Offerings

Postpartum Massage 90 min. $180| 50 min. $110| 25 min $70

Postpartum massage can be as important and beneficial as massage during pregnancy. Often the upper back, neck, and arms are the first to feel sore as you get used to holding and feeding your baby. Working the lymph around the breasts and armpits help with soothing the milk ducts. A massage is very essential to help you have a more peaceful and pain-free experience with your little one.

Postpartum bodywork is an effective and holistic approach for the many adjustments to motherhood. Massage is well known for relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, and many other health benefits. Unique postpartum benefits include: hormone regulation, reduces swelling, better sleep, and improved breastfeeding. Advanced therapy helps restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition, speeds healing, and assists with C-section recovery.

Post-pregnancy hormones can rear their ugly heads at the most annoying times, but thankfully, options for minimizing or correcting these post-baby complexion conundrums abound. Spa Lé La uses the safest and most effective treatments and ingredients to treat them.

Focused on exfoliation and extractions our back facial is perfect to make you swimsuit ready.

Epsom Salt is made up of magnesium sulfate, which pulls soreness from muscles. Epsom salt baths are an excellent way of combating stress and alleviating muscular aches and pains.

Once your doctor has okayed you to have massage this is a great one postpartum. It helps with belly issues, edema and c-section healing.

Postpartum your body can tend to be swollen and achy. You are also very tired.
Massage Therapists focus on your specific needs to put you into deep relaxation and healing.

NAP ROOM 25 min $30

When was the last time you napped in the middle of the day? If you’re a parent, the answer probably goes back to B.B. (Before Baby). But sometimes all you need is 25 minutes to turn your whole day around. Let us facilitate that change with a mid-day, restorative nap in our private napping suite. Our warm bed will envelop you in luxurious linens and an ultra-plush pillow. Throw in soothing spa sounds and a warm flaxseed pillow, and your stress will quickly melt away. While you enjoy some uninterrupted me-time, we’ll keep your little one safe and sound so you can both leave ready to conquer the day! So, the next time you’re feeling sleep-deprived, or just need a break, let us return you to “parent mode” with a new spring in your step. Includes complimentary childcare!


Sit back and melt into our state-of-the-art, zero gravity, three dimensional massage throne. By measuring your spine and adjusting to your body, you’ll receive a custom experience regardless of your shape or size. There are dual foot rollers available which work on the bottom of your feet to stimulate the acupuncture points while they spin. The motion of these rollers triggers instant relaxation throughout the body and also improves blood circulation in the feet.

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Want to get away with your favorite page turner? Have a last-minute project to complete and need 30-minutes of uninterrupted focus? Enjoy a little R&R in our Quiet Room pods. Whether you’re a stay-at-home caretaker or out in the workforce, sometimes you just need a time out. Use our free wi-fi to put the finishing touches on your presentation, listen to music with our noise-canceling headphones, or just place a warm flaxseed pillow over your eyes, sip on a complimentary beverage, and unwind.

Postpartum Reiki 50 min. $150| 90 min. $200

For new mothers, a Reiki treatment offers a safe and supportive space for them to re-orientate to themselves and their bodies after the birth of their baby. The comforting, gentle energy of Reiki helps stimulate and accelerate the body’s own natural healing processes, bringing it back into balance and alignment. As the nature of Reiki is deeply relaxing and calming, it can help to reduce stress and promote sleep.

Reiki can also be used to ease postpartum depression and anxiety. It also promotes physical and emotional healing from a lengthy or traumatic birth. Reiki is also helpful for mothers that have been working through breastfeeding difficulties. It helps ease the stress in both mother and child which promotes many beneficial effects like better milk production and confidence in your ability to nurture your baby and yourself. Reiki can be so relaxing that new moms often drift off to sleep during the session. Baby is welcome to come along for the session too!

Postpartum Craniosacral Therapy 50 min. $150| 90 min. $200

During the postpartum period, craniosacral therapy restores musculoskeletal reintegration, emotional balance and pelvic health and helps alleviate the discomforts of newborn care and mothering.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle way to relieve restrictions in the body to increase the capacity of the individual’s nervous system for health, harmony and well-being. The body naturally seeks homeostasis—and craniosacral therapy facilitates this balancing. When an individual experiences restriction or trauma, whether through a challenging birth or an injury or emotional shock to the nervous system, the body alters its priority from actualization to survival mode. The sooner that trauma, shock and restriction are released from the body, the easier and faster the healing process.

Craniosacral TherapyDuring pregnancy and delivery, a woman’s body goes through a variety of changes, and in many ways, is in constant communication with the infant. A woman’s body often “knows” what to do, but the stress and strain of delivery complicate the process. CST is now being
viewed as a means of helping a mother prepare for labor and delivery physically and mentally. is one of the most gentle, yet powerful forms of alternative treatment available. Craniosacral Therapy is NOT a massage. You do not disrobe, and no creams or oils are used. It’s a form of light-touch body work that enhances your body’s natural healing
processes to improve the operation of your central nervous system. Car Accidents, Falls, and Impact Injuries respond incredibly well to this work. When applied shortly after an accident, it can prevent trauma from settling into the soft tissues of your body.
For older injuries, it can release trauma from the body’s connective tissue and nervous system. Results are long-lasting, and in many cases permanent since the changes come from your own system. Session results are immediate for most of our clients although
some long-term conditions may require follow-up treatments.

Restorative Massage 50 min. $150| 90 min. $200

Client stays fully clothed in yoga attire, tank top preferred.
This is a session focused on stretching & opening chest, arms, shoulders, pelvis, legs with emphasis on hip flexors. This session includes compression, reflexology, craniosacral & massage to arms, hands, feet, neck, face & scalp. The combination of these
modalities are essential to reduce pain, stiffness, increase range of motion, improve postural issues, relieve tension, increase circulation, reduce anxiety, improve depression, improve sleep and promotes relaxation throughout your body. The Restorative Massage
is ideal for postpartum or for those seeking alternative body work while clothed. This session is also ideal for anyone feeling restriction throughout their body or needing to improve energy flow throughout your body to support you in restoring you to your
best self.

We start by using a natural-bristle brush to gently but firmly brush your skin in long strokes toward your heart usually, going over each area two or three times. At your belly, we brush in a clock wise motion. It helps detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph drainage. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system while invigorating the skin. Can be added onto any massage service


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Hair Removal

Postpartum bikini waxing should be okayed by your doctor for the first few months.



Full Face$60

Upper Lip$20

Half Arm$40

Full Arm$65


Half Back$30

Full Back$40

Half Legs$70

Full Legs$105



Ear Waxing$17


Perfect Membership Plan | $89/mo

Membership Includes:

  • Each month chose between a 50 minute Massage or a Relaxation Facial.
  • Also receive a complimentary retreat service of a bath, nap, massage throne, or infrared sauna.
  • 10% off all other services and products.
  • Every 500 Loyalty points receive $10 off your bill.
  • Complimentary childcare during services

Postpartum Package 1 | 1hr 55min $180

Soak in our soothing candle lit, warm epsom salt bath to help reduce swelling. Then slip into the soft blankets of our cozy massage bed and receive a 90 minute customized postpartum massage. This will surely encourage your body to sleep and rest.

Package Includes:

  • Bath
  • Postpartum Massage 90 Minutes

Postpartum Package 2 | 1hr 55min $165

Slip away for a little while in our quiet room pod and curl up with a blanket and warm flax seed pillow behind your neck. Have some organic tea and rest with our calf and foot massager to ease those postpartum achy feet. Then relax with our postpartum relaxation facial geared towards brightening your complexion to give you a hydrating natural glow. This facial includes massage of the face, neck, shoulders and hands.

Package Includes:

  • Shared Quiet Room
  • Leg Massager
  • Postpartum Facial

Postpartum Product Recommendations

Owner, Trina Renea, specifically designed products safe for pregnant and nursing mama’s (Mama Lé) and sweet lil’ babies (Baby La).

Mama Lé

Mama Lé Products were specifically created for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. When we are pregnant we want to use things that are safe for our baby. Mama Lé products are just that. These products are made with the safest ingredients, feel luxurious, and have proven results.


Baby La

These products were created to be safe for a baby and also safe for a mom. For the super sensitive skin or a different feel, you may enjoy these Baby La products for you as well.


Spa Lé La

These two products were created for moms with newborns who are always washing their hands. These products will keep your hands from getting to dry and are safe to use before holding your baby.

  • Scents of Lavender, lemon, and vanilla.
  • Shea Butter protects from the harsh environment. Provides hydration from loss of moisture.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Gel is known for its anesthetic, antibacterial, and tissue restorative properties.
  • Camellia oil is an emollient. It is exceptionally high in oleic acid (omega – 9) content. It is light and is quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • Dead Sea Salts are obtained from the Dead Sea in Israel and are very purifying.

  • Scents of Lavender, lemon, and vanilla.
  • Shea Butter is healing, protecting and moisturizing. Helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and increases hydration.
  • Camellia oil is an emollient. It is exceptionally high in oleic acid (omega – 9) content. It is light and is quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • Botanicals and Hawaiian Red Marine Algae provide skin firmness, thickness, and repairs damaged skin.
  • The powerful antioxidant Japanese Green Tea Extract is an anti-irritant, preventing redness and rough skin.