Massage Throne

Massage Throne


Sit back and melt into our state-of-the-art, zero gravity, 3D massage throne. By measuring your spine and adjusting to your body, you’ll receive a custom experience regardless of your shape or size. The 3D massage technology allows the rollers not only to move upwards and downwards, but also enables them to move in and out an additional 3-5 inches making it 3D massage. The 8 automatic programs of this chair can give you the best Shiatsu massage experience, which is a great way to bust stress and can also help fight insomnia, with just a push of a button.

One of the features enhancing the effectiveness of robotic massage is zero gravity. While the so-called high-end massage chairs provide only 1 zero-gravity position, our Kahuna LM8800 blows its competition out of the water by providing 2 zero-gravity positions, which makes it a perfect chair for zero-gravity lovers.

Additionally, there are dual foot rollers available which work on the bottom of your feet to stimulate the acupuncture points while they spin. The motion of these rollers triggers instant relaxation throughout the body and also improves blood circulation in the feet.

The squeeze feature is part of the stretching program of this chair. It targets the shoulders, lumbar area, and hips, squeezing the body left and right, giving your body an effective stretch. This is done by programming the airbags to inflate at a specific time, one after another, making your shoulders, lumbar, and hips squeeze and twist.